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The Sustainable features a married couple from Saratoga Springs, NY who wanted to build their dream home on a piece of property they fell in love with. The only problem? It would cost them $70,000 to put up the power lines needed to reach their house. 

Instead of bowing to the power companies, The Stocks decided to take a road less traveled. They began researching, designing and later building what would become their new home. By using solar panels, wind power and other innovative elements of design, Tom and Roberta have not only created a home that produces its own energy, but utilizes that energy with the highest efficiency. 

The film explains how they did it and how our choices matter when it comes to building new homes. With determination and creativity, the Stocks have been able to live sustainably, comfortably and most importantly, happily in their off-grid home since 2005 and have not paid a dollar to the utility companies. We're hoping this short documentary will help inspire individuals as well as the home building industry to make simple changes because those changes can have a huge impact on preserving our planet and the way we live.


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  1. COLORADO ENVIRONMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL — February 18-20th 1:30pm / Golden, CO

  2. ONE EARTH FILM FESTIVAL — Sunday March 6th 12:30 pm / Chicago, IL ASCENSION CATHOLIC CHURCH 808 S. EAST AVE, OAK PARK 60304

  3. SOCIALLY RELEVANT FILM FESTIVAL NEW YORK — MARCH 16TH 4:00PM / NYC  Chelsea Bow Tie Cinemas (260 W 23rd St, New York)

the crew


Production on The Sustainable began back in March 2014, when Justin Cerone saw an article in a local Saragotian paper about a couple who had designed their home to be completely off the electrical grid.  

The Stocks agreed to do an interview and welcomed our small film crew into their home to see how they pulled it off and how within reach this solution is for future American homes.

Director, Co-Producer, Editor / Justin Cerone
Co-Producer, Writer / Alexis Aurigemma
Science Advisor / Alex Dolan

Cinematography / Sean Feirtag, Adam Morrell and Raymond Stockwell
Original Score / Eric and Jake Dunkelbarger and Auby Curtis

Graphics / Jordan Forkey
Audio Mix / John Kallen


A huge THANK YOU to the Stocks, the Entire Crew and our Kickstarter Backers for making this film possible!

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Alexis aurigemma - producer




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